The Shag Pilots
…are a troupe of enthusiastic Shagsters
who come together to perform
in London and beyond. 

We're delighted to have you on board:
Please watch this brief safety video.
Thank you for flying with us today!

Debut performance by the Shag Pilots: 'Tailor Made Woman'
Filmed at Hornsey Town Hall on Saturday the 17th of December 2016

The Shag Pilots perform “Ants in your Pants'“ at Barcelona Shag Festival 2018


Martina Puchberger & Uli Hoffmann  
Miriam Kubalova & James Talbot
             Florence Afolabi & Alexander Vinokurov
  Eleanore Obst & Alex Flore
Danielle Ainsworth & Simon Chan   
Amelie Rousseau & Peter Ayres
          Sophie Baker & Vicki Hambley
Gabriella De Ferry & Ed Barrow
Anna Golebiowska & Aila Floyd

Team leader: Aila Floyd
Co-pilots: Simon Chan & Peter Ayres